Professional Coding

Professional Coding

Increasing efficiency


Coding Services That Deliver

Professional coding can be tricky. Leave it to us.

Our global coding team receives detailed, specialty-specific training that ensures excellent quality levels and clean claim submission.

Partnering with us guarantees a smooth, seamless implementation process with effective controls that ensure minimal disruption to operations – all with 3-4x ROI.

Beyond the ROI, our continuous focus on coding quality and compliance eliminates the headaches many of our clients experience when onboarding new staff.



AGS Health brings a wealth of experience in coding compliance, revenue impact analysis and revenue recovery.


Aside from providing excellent client service, compliance and analytics, our clients enjoy the 3-4x ROI they receive from working with AGS.

Quality and Analytics

A consistent 95% quality average puts our clients' minds at ease - knowing that they can count on us to code with accuracy. Our custom analytics tools ensure we provide clients with timely and actionable insights on a regular basis.

Professional Coding

Pro-fee coding that achieves outstanding results and delivers ROI.

As part of our professional coding services, AGS Health calls upon its two greatest resources: human capital and incredible IT infrastructure. Our employees are skilled and go through extensive training prior to coding a chart.

"Whenever we have an issue, regardless of what it is, we can take it to AGS Health, and they work on it right then. I appreciate that more than anything because they are always willing to follow through." Director, Revenue Cycle

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Controlled operating costs, excellent quality and unprecedented ROI.

Our clients love the fact that our hands-on approach ensures they don't miss a beat. We are active communicators and collaborators with our clients, helping them understand how providers can improve their documentation to ensure accurate coding.

Employees in Two Countries


Charts Managed Annually


Earned Through Accounts Receivable Annually


Robust data integration solutions.

AGS Health provides a comprehensive suite of data integration solutions, and have experienced interface experts that operate as a support between platforms.  We work with nearly all electronic medical records and billing systems, and many of the commonly used interface engines.



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Simplify your revenue management systems—from registration and appointment scheduling to final payment of a balance. Get data-backed solutions for containing your costs and increasing your revenue using our proven model for billing and coding accuracy.
Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management

AGS Health provides a comprehensive suite of RCM services that are customized for each client. Our experienced team experts serve as an extension of your business office.

  • Front-End Fixes
  • Transaction Processing
  • A/R Management
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Clinical Coding

Clinical Coding

Our team of coding experts, with a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and its specialties, paired with smart technology creates a tangible, positive impact on cash flow.

  • A Focus on Compliance
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Experienced Staff
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Automation & Analytics

Automation & Analytics

We use proprietary technology that includes a dynamic workflow tool with customizable features that drive efficiency, performance and results.

  • Automation - The Bots!
  • Tracking and Workflow
  • Analytics
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