Healthcare organizations in the US are losing millions of dollars annually in unrecognized net revenue due to rising denial rates and underpayments. This can be a frustrating and resource-intensive challenge, as finding and recouping lost revenue can be difficult, and choosing the right revenue cycle solution can be even more so.

AGS Health's team of experienced A/R specialists can help customers pursue full eligible reimbursements and mitigate future denials. Our insightful analytics help identify the root cause of these issues, enabling customers to develop effective strategies for denial prevention and payer contract optimization, which can improve their financial health for years to come.

Accounts Receivables Management Services Overview


Denial Management And Prevention Thumb

Prioritize and resolve denials quickly while gathering the insights necessary to proactively address denials before they occur.

Payment Variance And Underpayment Thumb

Identify and recover revenue from underpaid claims while uncovering insights to aid future payer contract negotiations.


With the support of our A/R specialists, collecting revenue on denied or underpaid claims is no longer constrained by resource limitations or competing priorities, ensuring you can realize the full net revenue that you deserve.

AGS Health leverages proprietary workflow tools to automate tasks for peak efficiency, enabling our service team to resolve denials and collect underpaid claims faster at a lower cost.