US Radiology Specialists Doubles Authorization Productivity with AGS Health’s Intelligent Authorization

US Radiology Specialists stands at the forefront of the nation’s radiology landscape, uniting renowned physician owned practices and cutting-edge diagnostic imaging service providers. The organization is unwavering in its pursuit of clinical excellence, operational efficiency, robust infrastructure, and the latest technological advancements.

Through a strategic alliance with AGS Health, US Radiology has harnessed the power of Intelligent Authorization (formerly AuthPal) to automate frontend processes, expediting authorization timelines and propelling productivity to new heights.


  • To support rapid growth, the organization needed a solution to process higher volumes of authorizations without increasing staff.
  • Scheduling flexibility was limited for cancellations and appointments with pending authorizations.
  • Struggled to anticipate pending authorizations and develop best practices around the appropriate time to schedule and expectations for turnaround.


Today, US Radiology Specialists has 48 team members on the Intelligent Authorization platform, serving 86 facilities and growing. Since implementing Intelligent Authorization in 2015, AGS Health has made it a priority to act upon input from the US Radiology team, ensuring an optimized solution that is continuously aligned with the radiology provider’s growth journey as an organization

Timely Access to Care

2x the Productivity

50% Fewer FTEs

"The AGS team is easy to work with, and their willingness to develop the technology to align with our growth journey over the last eight years has made for a great partnership. With Intelligent Authorization, we’ve doubled our daily production volumes from 60 to 120 cases. Our staff can also work authorizations further in advance, extending from an average of three days out to as many as nine days out. This has allowed us to expedite appointments to support patient needs and fill open time slots. I’ve demoed numerous authorization tools in my career, but none have truly automated authorization to this extent."

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