HCC ROI Calculator

When AGS AI platform and expert HCC coders get to review and code your patient’s medical records and present the complex story of each patient along with their health risk profile, missed and miscoded diagnosis are reduced. The result is improved accuracy of RAF scores, that translates into thousands of dollars of revenue growth. Calculate your potential revenue growth with AGS.

  • For risk adjusted patient populations, understanding and ensuring accurate RAF scores is the key to accurate reimbursement.
  • Provides a mechanism to ensure providers are compensated fairly for the patients they manage.
  • RAF scores offer a snapshot view of patient health for your practice.
  • In addition to helping predict healthcare resource needs, RAF scores are used to risk-adjust quality and cost metrics.
  • Helps provider organizations develop strategies and forecast costs to support patient populations.
  • Below average RAF scores
  • Reduced reimbursements
  • Challenges in reporting HCC codes due to documentation deficiencies or lack of evidence
  • Coding and billing errors
  • Conduct high-accuracy diagnostic coding via integrating coding services with technology (AGS AI Platform)
  • Ensure medical records are complete and accurate based on Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCCs) guidelines.
  • Verify risk-adjusted codes and documentation based on industry standards.
  • Provide assessment of documentation based on M.E.A.T. criteria.

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