Verifying a patient's insurance coverage and benefits to determine the cost of medical treatment can be a challenge due to the complexity of insurance systems and inconsistent data. Checking the patient's insurance policy, copay, deductible, and coverage limitations can often lead to staffing issues, high call volumes, and inaccurate determinations. However, identifying patient responsibility in advance is crucial for managing receivables and preventing issues with delayed payments, reworks, patient satisfaction, errors, and non-payment.

AGS Health provides insurance verification services to free up staff to focus on performing other patient access services to deliver a better patient experience. Our services include insurance validation prior to appointments, determination of in and out-of-network benefits, and support for the No Surprises Act billing estimates for out-of-network and uninsured individuals.

Insurance Eligibility And Benefits Verification Overview
Insurance Eligibility And Benefits Verification Provided


  • Confirm insurance coverage and benefits
  • Dual- and third-party insurance eligibility
  • Out-of-state verification
  • Direct connection with payer portals


Performing verification checks before appointments ensures accurate, current patient insurance information, reducing errors and denials during claims processing and increasing billing accuracy.