High volumes of unprocessed or unpaid claims in accounts receivable have become far too common in healthcare. This not only disrupts cash flow but also leads to heightened stress and anxiety.

AGS Health takes a strategic approach to claims management to reduce backlogs and maximize cash acceleration. We can help you work through claims submission, billing edits, and reconciliation for both professional and hospital billing while developing a plan to help you manage your current workload.

Claims Management Services Overview
Code Auditing Services Provided


  • Initial day-one billing.
  • Tracking outstanding accounts receivable and ensuring prompt and timely follow-up with payers to ascertain status.
  • Claims editing processed through your clearinghouse or EHR.
  • Where necessary, engage with payers to submit additional information and/or expedite processing of the claim.


Streamline your claims management processes and accelerate revenue collection, allowing for greater financial stability and re-investment in your core mission.

Our team maintains strict quality assurance, tracking changes to payment rules and regulations to reduce rework and ensure successful submissions and reconciliation.

AGS Health patient financial services customers not only benefit from a lower cost to collect but also experience significant returns within months.

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Accounts Receivables Management Services Thumb

Track and collect the outstanding revenue that you deserve with greater operational efficiency and improved financial performance through effective denial remediation, as well as identifying and recovering underpayments.

Selfpay Management Services Thumb

Delivery of patient-friendly statements, collection attempts via outbound calls, and processing of patient payments for consistent and timely patient outreach.

Payment Posting Services Thumb

Full transaction services, including payment processing, manual and electronic posting, reporting of unusual adjustments, routing of denied claims, and reconciliation to ensure timely account resolution.

Credit Balance Resolution Thumb

Effectively manage liability risks and assist with financial stability by identifying the root causes of overpayments and resolving credit balances.

Edi Enrollment Services Thumb

Establish Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)/Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) authorization agreements for all providers with multiple clearing houses/payers to enroll for electronic claims, remittance, eligibility, and claims status.


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