Financial clearance activities play a critical role in laying the foundation for a high-performance revenue cycle. Unfortunately, many organizations lack the necessary labor resources, technology, and operational processes to capture all the critical information, eligibility, and authorizations ahead of the patient visit. As a result, roughly half of all denials are now attributed to front-end revenue cycle management issues.

AGS Health’s industry-leading integrated financial clearance model ensures proper alignment among all revenue cycle management functions through a seamless process that follows the patient journey from scheduling to authorization and pre-service collections, providing patient education around expected financial responsibility along the way. Our approach has helped numerous healthcare organizations improve patient satisfaction, increase reimbursement, accelerate cash flow, and reduce unnecessary downstream activity. As a result, our customers can re-deploy internal resources to improve the patient experience and reinvest capital into caregiving capabilities.

Integrated Financial Clearance Overview


Medical Coding The Key to Eliminating Claim Denials and Reducing Administrative Costs