Payment variance and underpayments are silent revenue killers that can represent millions of dollars in unrecognized net revenue. It’s estimated that 3-11% of all insurance claims are underpaid. Identification and resubmission of those underpaid claims offer a tremendous opportunity for organizations to improve their revenue stream.

AGS can help identify and review underpaid claims to uncover payer processing issues or identify contract management tool optimization. Discover how your organization can pursue full-eligible reimbursements for services rendered and gain insights to optimize future contracts without negatively impacting your day-to-day operations and responsibilities.

Payment Variance And Underpayment Overview
Payment Variance And Underpayment Services Provided


  • Precise claim adjudication, reviews of underlying causes, and follow-up for correction of underpayments.
  • Individual resubmission processes.
  • Identify appeal opportunities and file bulk-appeals.


Our team carefully reviews your claims and contract terms to identify payment errors, and processes appeals to ensure you collect on every eligible dollar owed.

AGS Health conducts comprehensive payer contract reviews to ensure accuracy and uncover valuable insights for improving revenue and enhancing operational performance.