Each year, billions of dollars in denied claims are never resolved because organizations don’t have the resources to work them properly. AGS Health offers deep expertise in denial management and appeals writing to ensure our customers can capture every possible dollar of revenue owed.

In addition, we also provide the insights needed to identify the root cause of denials so your organization can take corrective action to improve your clean-claims rate, reduce denial rate and prevent revenue loss for your medical practice.

Denial Management And Prevention Overview
Professional Fee Coding Services Provided


AGS Health powered by technology and industry experts will help you maximize your revenue while providing prescriptive solutions for improving efficiency and mitigating risk.
  • Denied claims are identified, analyzed, categorized, and prioritized to ensure prompt resolution.
  • Following review, appeals are written and submitted to successfully improve net revenue collections and cash flow.
  • Detailed trend analysis and reporting is provided to improve first-pass resolution rates and support future payer contract negotiations.


Our team of denial management professionals will assess your denials by payer, filing limit, amount, aging, and other criteria to prioritize appeals and capture the maximum amount of revenue possible.

By analyzing your existing processes and resources, AGS Health can help you identify opportunities to improve denial management efficiency and leverage technology for time-consuming and tedious tasks.

We analyze historical claims data to identify denial trends, root causes, and patterns, which enable customers to proactively implement preventive measures for long-term revenue improvement.

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