Identifying and resolving overpayments or excess funds owed to payers and patients is essential to the financial health and compliance of your organization. AGS Health credit balance resolution services can provide you with peace of mind by ensuring transparency, regulatory compliance, and stability in your finances.

Our team audits your accounts, promptly identifies overpayments, and quickly enacts refund processes while delivering clear documentation, communication, and reporting throughout the process. Our credit balance resolution services not only help prevent legal issues but also build trust among your patients and payers.

Credit Balance Resolution Overview
Credit Balance Resolution Services Provided


  • Identification, thorough analysis, and prioritization of credit balances.
  • Correction of inaccurate adjustments and payment posting.
  • Insurance and patient refund packets.
  • Management of claim appeals on incorrect payer processing.
  • Increased opportunity for secondary billing and/or self-pay.


Addressing credit balances with the support of AGS Health can help you feel confident in the accuracy of your financial records, allowing you to reinvest your financial resources without concern.

Our rapid resolution of credit balances follows the strict policies and regulations of the CMS and payers, helping prevent legal issues and penalties that could damage your organization’s reputation.

By identifying overpayments in a timely manner and promptly issuing refunds, we help you build trust and goodwill in the financial practices of your organization.

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