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Achieving Accurate Reimbursements by Maximizing CDI for Physician Queries

The physician query process seeks to obtain accurate code assignment and ensure that the documentation accurately reflects the patient's clinical condition. It involves a collaborative effort between coding and CDI specialists, and physicians, to gather additional information and clarify details related to the clinical documentation in a patient's health record.

Our white paper, “Achieving Accurate Reimbursements by Maximizing CDI for Physician Queries” offers guidance to better understand the physician query process, prepare for physician querying, develop effective physician queries, handle physician responses to queries, and measure the impact of physician querying. It provides an overview of the legal and ethical guidelines for generating queries, monitoring compliance, and providing feedback to the query team. Our guide also includes valuable insight into measuring the impact of physician queries and maximizing documentation improvement opportunities.

Download our white paper and gain key insights into:

  • The role of physician queries in CDI
  • How to prepare for the physician query process and develop effective queries
  • Most common reasons for physician queries
  • Effectively handling physician responses to queries
  • Measuring the impact of physician queries to maximize opportunities for documentation improvement

Download the white paper now to learn more and help your healthcare organization achieve more accurate reimbursements.

Download White Paper

Whitepaper – Achieving Accurate Reimbursements by Maximizing CDI for Physician Queries

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