Analytics and Business Intelligence


Every organization is sitting on mountains of data – but few have the time and resources to turn their data into actionable intelligence. AGS Health analytics and business intelligence services track, measure, analyze, predict, and improve your revenue cycle performance. With healthcare providers being challenged to do more with less, AGS Health gives them unprecedented visibility into the performance of their revenue cycle.

As an analytics partner, we help providers:

  • Easily identify underpaid claims.
  • Analyze denials and identify the root cause.
  • Pinpoint scope for lost revenue recovery.
  • Experience a drastic reduction in claim errors and denials.

We will help you answer the critical questions of


We help you measure your business performance across key RCM areas (e.g., aged A/R, financial KPIs).


Our deep-dive analysis tools help uncover the root causes leading to underperformance, such as root cause analyses of denials.


AGS Health’s predictive analytics services offer projections and early warning signs to gauge and influence performance, including denials and underpayment predictions.


Customized advisory services take the current performance, diagnostics, and future projections to provide actionable insights to address underperformance and maximize outcomes.


All global services customers benefit from a set of essential analytics and insights correlating to services rendered. Our analytics capabilities cover the full spectrum of revenue cycle management with analytical insights and advisory services for patient access, medical coding, and patient financial services. To identify problem areas, quantify impacts, and recommend improvement solutions, our data experts leverage a wide range of systems and tools, such as PowerBI, Tableau, SQL, Oracle, and more.

Quality Insights

Get insights into internal and external quality outcomes, including trends and error analysis.

Touch Analysis and Insights

Observe how many times accounts were touched, reasons for increased touches, and drill down features to explore patterns and trends.