Proper coding requires meaningful documentation that is complete, accurate, and consistent. A properly configured clinical documentation improvement (CDI) program can help achieve this goal and drive greater revenue outcomes for your organization.

You can count on the AGS Health team to provide retrospective, concurrent, and prospective reviews of clinical documentation. We will help you identify missing information, place physician queries, and recommend improvement opportunities to ensure your documentation is ready for coding.

Cdi Services Overview
CDI Services Provided


Retrospective, concurrent, and prospective review of clinical documentation to identify missing information, place physician queries, and recommend improvement opportunities. Our clinical documentation improvement (CDI) services include:

  • Concurrent reviews of medical records ensure timely filings.
  • Timely physician queries obtain necessary clarifications or corrections for accurate coding.
  • Follow up on previously unanswered queries or delayed answers.
  • Validate and resolve DRG mismatches and diagnoses present on admission (POA).
  • Education on documentation best practices and requirements for physicians.


Increase the accuracy and efficiency of your documentation and reporting process while reducing disruptive retrospective queries, minimizing query response times, alleviating administrative burdens, and improving communication.

Accelerate and streamline clinical workflows for correct coding diagnoses and procedures to maximize reimbursements, reduce denials, and eliminate potential re-work and resubmission of claims.