When your healthcare organization sees hundreds or thousands of patients each day, optimizing the patient scheduling experience is key to managing patient volumes, minimizing late cancellations and no shows, and increasing referrals. When done incorrectly, it can create a significant financial burden and result in wasted time for staff and clinical personnel.

The experts at AGS Health can help manage calls for appointments and streamline your patient scheduling process. Our talented team can also verify the patient’s demographic information and support inbound and outbound calls.

Patient Scheduling Services Overview


  • Utilize provider portal
  • Collect minimum data set (MDS)
  • Callbacks and rescheduling
  • Automated reminders
  • Triaging inbound customer service calls, as needed


A single point of contact for your patients ensures shorter wait times, easier appointment booking, and efficient communication focused on timely access to care.

An experienced global team of patient access and clinical professionals can scale up or down based on demand, providing flexibility to accommodate fluctuations in patient volume.