Patient Access Services


Our experts understand the key goals, priorities, and needs of a high-functioning Patient Access department and will ensure nothing is missed that will hold up your claims. We will identify missing information and confirm insurance details prior to the visit, reducing the risk of front-end denials.

Patient Scheduling Services Thumb

Effectively book and manage patient appointments, including initial consultations, follow-up appointments, and medical procedures.

Integrated Financial Clearance Thumb

An effective process creates a seamless and cohesive approach in the long journey from scheduling to authorization to pre-service collections.

Provider Enrollment And Credentialing Services Thumb

End-to-end enrollment and credentialing help your healthcare facility operate smoothly and efficiently while ensuring appropriate reimbursement.


Our highly trained experts are trusted by leading healthcare organizations across the country based on their demonstrated ability to enhance accuracy, prevent revenue leakage, and enhance your ability to financially clear patients in a timely manner.