Corporate Social Responsibility

A Commitment to the Environment, Education, and Emergency Support.

Our team of more than 12,000 people are focused on driving transformational change by partnering with charitable services that have a positive impact on their communities. Through activities such as planting trees, walking to raise funds, and teaching and engaging with children, our employees continuously dedicate their time and skills to helping others..

Giving back to our communities and making a positive impact.
AGS Health is committed to making a positive impact on society. Through financial contributions, employee volunteer efforts, conservation efforts, and positive labor practices AGS is continuously taking steps to improve our communities. Our key focus areas include education, environment, and emergency support.
Education is a Human Right
We believe that every child has a right to a meaningful education. We focus our efforts on investing and volunteering with organizations that provide both fundamental academic and social-emotional skills to young people.
A Focus on Sustainability
AGS recognizes that protecting and preserving our environment is critical for future generations. We also know that conservation ensures we are preserving our own resources. That’s why we routinely check our carbon footprint and energy consumption to minimize our own impact.
Working Together During a Crisis
We know that when a crisis occurs, by working together we can persevere. Through financial contributions and employee involvement, we support emergency response and healthcare efforts during national emergencies and local crises.
Stewards of Our Communities
It feels great to give back! That’s why we encourage our employees to take part in their communities through volunteer efforts, such as company-sponsored blood drives and local food pantry donations.
Committed to our Staff’s Well-Being
Our people are our biggest strength at AGS Health, which is why we are committed to building a positive, inclusive company culture with strong morale and high productivity.

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