Computer-Assisted Coding


Dramatically increase coder productivity and code capture.

When it comes to achieving revenue goals and complying with regulatory requirements, coding speed and accuracy are essential. Built with an industry-leading clinical NLP engine, the AGS AI Platform’s Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC) module enables flexible and scalable coding of facility operations to increase accuracy, efficiency, productivity, and flexibility.

Cac Overview

NLP-Based ICD-10-CM and PCS Automation

Leverages NLP and patented AI to automatically suggest billable ICD-10 CM, PCS and CPT codes from different types of clinical documents.

One-Click Coder Validation and Acceptance

Automatically identifies charts that have potential queries for seamless validation and acceptance.

Always Up to Date

Our clinical content team ensures that all coding guidelines are maintained whenever new codes or rules are released. Additionally, our Clinical NLP engine is always learning and improving based on coder actions.


Computer-Assisted Coding Software Features and Capabilities

Intelligent Worklists

Prioritize and group work