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Revenue Cycle Automation Analytics


Supervise your revenue cycle automation more efficiently than ever.

With AGS Health, creating and embedding robotic process automation into your existing systems and workflows has never been more streamlined or affordable. Healthcare organizations that leverage our Revenue Cycle Automation Development Services also gain access to our Revenue Cycle Automation Analytics module, which enables users to maintain, monitor, and report on the performance of their AGS-developed digital workers with ease. Whether automating data entry, data classification, data extraction, reporting, form completion, or other activities, your customizable dashboards make it easy to stay up to date on the status of your workflows and share progress with senior management. ​

Revenue Cycle Automation


Revenue Cycle Automation Analytics Features and Capabilities

Improved Operations and Reporting

Customizable Dashboards

View status information for each of your digital workers with bespoke dashboards that focus on the metrics that matter most to your goals and objectives.

Real-Time Performance Measurement

Review key performance indicators (KPIs) of your RPA solutions instantaneously and build executive reports to demonstrate the outcomes of your investment.

Seamless Data Integration

Fluidly exchange data across your existing task and workflow management platforms, including EMR, ERP, and practice management systems.

Rca Improved Operations And Reporting Dashboard
Rpa Development Made Easy Dashboard

RPA Management Made Easy

Simple Cloud-Based Implementation

Revenue Cycle Automation Analytics features fast, simple implementation that requires little to no IT support and can scale rapidly on demand.

Ongoing RPA Maintenance and Support

Ensure successful long-term upkeep and optimization of digital workers with the support of our certified developers. *

Address Exceptions and Anomalies

Easily identify and address potential exceptions and anomalies with alerts and automated workflow transfers across internal teams or AGS outsourced service representatives. **

* Maintenance services are available as a purchasable option for all AGS Revenue Cycle Automation Development Services.
** AGS outsourced services, including patient access, CDI, coding, and patient financial services, are not included as part of the AGS AI Platform or Revenue Cycle Automation Development Services.

Rca Development Services Overview


Robotic process automation (RPA) tailored to your needs at a fraction of the cost.

Maximize the value of your skilled team with robotic process automation solutions designed and developed by our experienced team of automation engineers. ​

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Partnering for Transformation: SCP Health Reduces Costs by 28%


Dig deeper into Revenue Cycle Automation


Seamlessly integrate your legacy systems with ease.

More Technology

AGS Background

Intelligent Authorization

Automate your financial clearance processes through to improve efficiency, lower costs, avoid authorization-related denials, and enhance the patient financial experience by expediting access to necessary services.

Autonomous Coding

Achieve true coding autonomy through advanced artificial intelligence and award-winning services in one seamless, effortless solution.

Computer-Assisted Coding

Transform your manual coding workflow into an AI-coder collaboration that positively impacts your coding quality, CMI and DNFC.

Computer-Assisted Professional Coding

Streamline your professional coding process with improved charge capture while reducing denials and improving quality and compliance.

Computer-Assisted CDI

Automate the review of clinical documentation and queries without using a single spreadsheet.

Analytics & Reporting

See your data like never before without the constraints of your EHR reporting capabilities.

Clinical NLP APIs

Natural Language Processing APIs that enable you to extract meaningful clinical entities from bundles of unstructured data, seamlessly.

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