Enrolling and credentialing for healthcare providers is a complicated process that involves extensive paperwork, verification of credentials, and communication with multiple stakeholders. The rules and regulations regarding healthcare providers and insurance plans vary by location, making it difficult to keep track and ensure compliance with the latest changes.

AGS Health has expertise in navigating the challenges and complexities of the provider enrollment and credentialing process to reduce paperwork, streamline data management and verification, prevent delays and errors, and ensure ongoing compliance and payment for services rendered.

Provider Enrollment And Credentialing Services Overview
Provider Enrollment And Credentialing Services Provided


  • Collect required data and check for accurate information.
  • Assistance with completing CAQH.
  • Ongoing maintenance of provider information.
  • Proactive payer follow up.


In-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements and industry standards increases accuracy and reduces the risk of non-compliance while maintaining high-quality standards and professionalism.

Reallocate paperwork and burdensome administrative tasks and improve communication processes to increase cost savings and allow healthcare staff to focus on patient care.