Implementing preventative practices prior to patient visits makes it easier to collect patient balances pre-service and reduces the likelihood of denied claims. However, discussions with patients about financial responsibility can be challenging due to the lack of standardized and clear pricing, complex insurance coverage, financial education and medical jargon, and the emotional stress caused by potential health issues. Healthcare organizations also struggle with administrative burdens, as estimating and communicating costs is a time-consuming process.

With accurate information about the cost of their medical services, patients can make informed decisions about their treatment plans and be better prepared to handle financial payments. AGS Health offers patient payment estimation services that make it easy to determine out-of-pocket costs. By using industry-leading tools and automated processes, we eliminate the need for manual calculations that can be confusing and lead to delays. This allows for transparent communication and promotes trust and satisfaction.

Patient Payment Estimation Overview
Patient Payment Estimation Services Provided


  • Patient co-pay and deductible amounts are identified directly from payer databases.
  • Deliver estimates in compliance with the “No Surprises Act.”


Integrating with payer databases in real-time provides up-to-date and standardized estimates, reducing overhead and inbound patient calls while increasing staff efficiency.