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Revenue to Realize
Your Vision.

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We work with premier organizations across the country:

We use technology and expertise to yield the revenue to realize your vision.

At AGS Health, we use a combination of AI-enhanced technology, data-driven services, and specialized support to maximize the performance of your revenue cycle. This means you can focus on the most important part of your business: caring for patients.

Trusted by more than 100 industry leading
healthcare organizations across the U.S.
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A/R specialists

AGS Health is your strategic growth partner for revenue cycle solutions.

We are experts in modern revenue cycle management operations with deep experience in the ever-changing complexities of healthcare.

Solutions for every step of
your revenue cycle

AGS Health can develop an ideal revenue cycle management solution that combines the right expertise and technology for your unique needs.

Our services and technologies

Prevent delayed or denied claims at the onset of your patient encounters through complete and accurate capture of demographic information, insurance verification, and prior authorization.

Elevate your coding standards with a rigorous focus on coding quality and compliance led by a dedicated team of highly trained coders and data-driven processes that consistently achieve a 95+% quality rate.

Ease your administrative and financial burdens by recovering lost revenue and preventing future leakage before it occurs with a team of college-educated experts and proprietary workflow and analysis tools.