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Extended Business Office


Increased payor complexities and rising patient out-of-pocket costs pose major challenges for your extended business office. Alleviating these burdens requires an experienced partner that you can trust. At AGS Health, we deliver extended business office solutions to some of the nation’s leading healthcare providers. We know where the gaps are and we’re adept at optimizing revenue. With our cost-effective, high-performance service team and workflow automation, we can help alleviate your financial burdens and free up cash flow so you can continue to invest in your strategic vision.

Whether working with hospital or physician billing, our team will work with you to overcome payor complexities, minimize billing confusion, and recover revenue.

Unlock the power of your revenue cycle by discovering new insights, optimizing billing processes, preventing denials, and automating tedious, time-consuming tasks.

See your data like never before without the constraints of your EHR reporting capabilities.


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El Paso Children’s Hospital Improves CDI Productivity by 50% with AGS Health

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AGS takes a unique approach with every healthcare client. We understand that no two clients are exactly alike. Each presents a unique set of challenges that may change over time. We’ll work closely with you at every step to maximize your revenue.

Start your revenue cycle strong by ensuring that critical, and accurate, patient information is in place before patient visits begin.

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When you create a high-performance revenue cycle, you’re finally free to invest your full resources into what matters most: the care of your patients.

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