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RCM Solutions

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AGS takes a unique approach with every healthcare client. We understand that no two clients are exactly alike. Each presents a unique set of challenges that may change over time. We’ll work closely with you at every step to maximize your revenue.

Patient Access

Start your revenue cycle strong by ensuring that critical, and accurate, patient information is in place before patient visits begin.

Health Information Management

Our team of coding experts, with a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and its specialties, paired with smart technology creates a tangible, positive impact on cash flow.

Extended Business Office

AGS Health provides a comprehensive suite of RCM services that are customized for each client. Our experienced team of experts serves as an extension of your business office.

Analytics and Reporting 

Obtain answers to critical questions related to performance benchmarking, root cause analysis, predictive analytics, and operational improvements.


Automation offers the promise of lower costs and increased efficiency, but only when it is applied effectively. AGS Health combines advanced automation and powerful predictive analytics with real human expertise.

By creating a high-performance revenue cycle, you will not only get the benefits of being fully paid for your services, you will directly contribute to creating a better patient experience, while freeing cash flow to invest more resources into transforming how you care for patients.

The right technology can change everything about revenue cycle management, from predictive analytics that help solve problems before they occur, to intelligent automation that removes monotonous tasks and errors, all working toward a high-precision revenue cycle like the healthcare industry has never seen.

A technology-enhanced revenue cycle means that the skills and capabilities of the human element becomes even more important. You need high-touch service experts who partner with you to proactively solve problems, identify opportunities, and execute flawlessly day after day.

We help each client solve their unique RCM challenges.
CAC Implementation improves hospital revenue by $1.03MM
Computer-Assisted Coding Decreases Claim Denials by 30 Percent
72. Computer-Assisted Coding Decreases Claim Denials by 30 Percent

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Let’s transform your revenue cycle today

When you create a high-performance revenue cycle, you’re finally free to invest your full resources into what matters most: the care of your patients.

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