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Code Auditing


Ensure Compliance. Perform Comprehensive CDI and Coding Audits with Ease.

With increased regulatory scrutiny and the continuously shifting landscape of rules and regulations, healthcare organizations and their revenue cycles face mounting pressures. Profit margins are being squeezed while valued reputations face increased risk. To help ease these burdens and ensure compliance, AGS Health offers a fully integrated auditing solution to support CAC, CAPC, and CDI users.

DISCLAIMER: The AGS AI Platform Audit module requires prior implementation of CAC, CAPC, or CDI modules. 

Audit Case Selection

Advanced case-search and selection features enable case sampling across a variety of parameters.

Detailed Audit Reports

Generates an automated Audit Report for audited cases with a code-by-code comparison of the coder and auditor versions.

Coder Feedback Center

A collaborative platform for reviewing where coders can chat, review changes, and compare feedback on claims.


Code Auditing Features and Capabilities

Intelligent Audit Worklists
Focus your attention
Charts are queued for auditing automatically and prioritized based on the likelihood of finding a discrepancy in the audit.
Conduct concurrent auditing
Audit your charts and coding before they are sent to billing without holding up the process.
Concentrate of audits that matter most

Create separate lists for ongoing audit programs and share access with more coders for distributed audit support.

Automatic Audit Suggestions
Assess predicted coding versus actual
Compare our suggested coding to final coding to automatically audit charts with significant variance.
Spot missing documentation
Identify charts that are missing typical documentation to audit before final coding or billing.
Perform targeted specialty audits
Automatically trigger an audit based on a given specialty, provider, or coder. Perform this before billing or retrospectively.
Actionable Audit Reporting
View and compare chart data with ease
Gain a visual display of diagnosis and charge code changes between the original coder and auditor with an opportunity for dispute.
Track audit results quickly

Easily identify providers that are not responding to queries in a timely fashion, and see what queries are not needed based on provider feedback.

Highlight educational opportunities
Review the variance you see between CDI coding assumptions and actual coding going out on claims.
Case studies
Case Study
El Paso Children’s Hospital Improves CDI Productivity by 50% with AGS Health
Case Study
Computer-Assisted Coding Decreases Claim Denials by 30 Percent


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El Paso Children’s Hospital Improves CDI Productivity by 50% with AGS Health