Our team draws on industry experience, knowledge, and networks to create the most powerful outcomes for our customers. We put a face in front of each customer. Every AGS Health employee comes to work each day inspired to exceed expectations. The AGS Health difference starts with our people. Our mission, vision, and core values equip every employee in the organization with extensive training opportunities, encourage consistent professional development, promote diversity, support differences and be actively engaged in our communities.

AGS Careers

We encourage our team to consistently improve, both in and out of the office. During the onboarding process, new team members are guided through an extensive training program with a mentor, which allows them to thrive in their new environment. Beyond initial training, we consistently develop and present LMS training modules and learning initiatives to strengthen skills and stay connected. We encourage and empower our employees to participate in external learning opportunities and connect with industry partners. We continuously seek out new resources and partners to broaden our breadth of knowledge.

Enduring values and enriching lives.

Ensuring our workplace is rooted in equality is a top-down priority and is deeply woven into the social fabric of our company. We are committed to achieving our goals and strategies in alignment with our core values of Respect, Collaboration, Integrity, Communication and Empathy, which are reflected in and projected to our stakeholders through our people.