RCM Challenges: Unraveling E&M 2023 Code Changes

Leigh Poland & Linga Prabhu

June 27, 2023

The world of healthcare coding is evolving with the new Evaluation and Management (E&M) 2023 code changes. After nearly 25 years, these E&M code changes promise to reduce the administrative burden for physicians and coders while refining patient care. The shift underlines the healthcare sector's commitment to streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and emphasizing medical decision-making over paperwork. These improvements come on the heels of exciting new healthcare technology advancements critical to enhancing ROI.

What does this overhaul mean for practitioners, coders, patients, and the healthcare ecosystem?

Michelle Dawn Mooney speaks with Leigh Poland, Vice President, Coding Service Line at AGS Health, and Lingaraja Prabhu, Executive Director, Coding, at AGS Health, about this significant transformation. In this episode, they discuss the recent E&M code changes and their impact on various stakeholders.

Key conversation points include:

  • Significant changes in E&M 2023 guidelines compared to the previous ones from 1995 and 1997
  • The transition journey from previous guidelines to the 2023 version and its effect on denial management and post-submission audits
  • The benefits of the new guidelines for physicians, coders, and patients and the challenges they pose


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Podcast – Unraveling E&M 2023 Code Changes