AGS Provides a Scalable, Flexible Extension of the RCM Team to Support Rapid Growth in Patient Volume

The East Coast-based Infusion Therapy and Surgically Implanted Medication Provider had been a long-time customer of AGS Health, utilizing a variety of services including insurance authorizations and reauthorizations, patient registration and verification, and A/R follow-up.

Similar to many other healthcare provider organizations, the customer has experienced evolving patient volumes, workloads, and revenue challenges over the years.

By working in conjunction with AGS Health, they are able to increase the level of support needed, get help with special projects, and focus on strategic initiatives to address these challenges.


  • Staying ahead of the many moving parts to revenue cycle management (RCM), from intake to cash posting.
  • Rapidly growing patient census required more resources to manage increased patient volume.
  • Periodic special projects require incremental resources that cannot be found in-house.


AGS Health’s flexible service model has provided the customer skilled staff that act as an extension of their RCM Team. With the ability to rapidly ramp up new projects and address the challenges that the customer lacks resources to address, AGS is considered a strategic partner that can be called upon to help streamline the patient intake and insurance verification process and identify and collect additional revenue.

  • Timely turnaround for authorization and verification.
  • Continue to meet all SLAs and KPIs.
  • Achieve and exceed the same standards of excellence to which internal teams are held.

"AGS Health has done a really great job with getting authorizations and performing insurance verification in a timely manner on both sides of our business, as well as with managing re-authorizations to ensure that once patients are on our service they can stay. This plays a huge role in ensuring that patients can get their medications on time and allowing us to bill in a timely manner."

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