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AGS Health Empowers Aegis to Achieve 99% Order Entry Accuracy and 24-Hour Turnaround on Millions of COVID-19 Tests

Founded in 1990, Aegis Sciences Corporation is a forensic toxicology and healthcare laboratory that provides science-driven drug testing and consulting services based in Nashville, Tenn. It delivers evidence-based, clinically actionable information related to medication compliance, substance abuse, and drug-drug interactions through definitive testing of urine, oral fluid, or blood specimens. Since launching COVID-19 testing in April 2020, Aegis has quickly increased testing capacity to meet the needs of communities across the United States. To date, Aegis has performed over 14 million COVID-19 tests and is the leading provider of SARS-CoV-2 genome sequencing results in the United States.


  • Maintaining sufficient staffing levels to keep up with rising demand for testing services.
  • Managing the addition of COVID-19 testing, which required rapid order entry, with near-perfect accuracy, to enable a 24-hour turnaround on results.


AGS Health’s flexible service model had already proven its worth supporting Aegis’ revenue cycle management team. When the customer needed to ramp up to support the demanding pace of COVID-19 testing, AGS was a natural choice that did not disappoint thanks to its ability to rapidly deploy highly skilled staff capable of handling high-volume order entry with exceptional accuracy.

  • Rapidly completed all test order data entry within 24 hours.
  • Achieved and maintained an order entry accuracy rate at or above 99%.
  • Rapidly scaled up staffing to manage surges without any loss of speed or accuracy.

"On a scale of one to 10, I would give them a 10. My experience has been great…With the speed at which they can accommodate a high demand workload and be able to pivot when needed, AGS Health has been an absolutely great partner at a time when I really needed the help."

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