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Integrated Financial Clearance and Patient Access Processes to Improve Revenue

By Matt Bridge and Katy Morgan


Patient Access operations, particularly financial clearance activities, play a critical role in laying the foundation for a high-performance revenue cycle. Unfortunately, many organizations lack the necessary labor resources, technology, and operational processes to capture all the critical information, eligibility, and authorizations ahead of the patient visit. As a result, roughly half of all denials are now attributed to front-end RCM issues. One key to overcoming these challenges is developing a robust integrated financial clearance process.

In this webinar, we look at the importance of the financial clearance process, including its impact on patient experience and how it correlates to back-end reimbursements. Viewers can discover three simple strategies for establishing an effective integrated financial clearance program. Detailed topics include considerations for outsourcing, vendor selection, technology offerings, bespoke automation, key performance indicators, and best practices for establishing an effective service level agreement.

Learning Objectives:

  • Strengthen your understanding of integrated financial clearance (IFC) and why it’s important.
  • Learn how to develop tailored service delivery models for patient-facing and non-patient-facing functions.
  • Discover the benefits of maintaining a flexible approach to prior authorization technology solutions.
  • Gain insights into best practices for monitoring financial clearance results through analytics and benchmarking.
Matthew Bridge

Matthew Bridge


As senior vice president of RCM services at AGS Health, Matt oversees strategic growth initiatives for the company’s Patient Access and Patient Financial Services business units. He possesses more than 15 years of experience in professional and managed services with expertise throughout the revenue cycle continuum. Matt’s career has provided him with broad experiences covering diverse provider settings and a deep understanding of the challenges facing customers of all provider types. He is passionate about mentoring and coaching others as they pursue their career journeys in revenue cycle and healthcare business management. Matt possesses a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from Curry College in Milton, MA.

Katy Morgan Image

Katy Morgan


Katy has led a career in process excellence and innovation across the revenue cycle in financial and business analysis, risk analysis, and decision-making. As the vice president of strategy at AGS Health, she supports corporate development through the execution of strategic transactions, including acquisitions, joint ventures, and other strategic partnerships. Before joining AGS Health, Katy served in various revenue cycle management roles at Accretive Health, including managing patient access and patient financial services operations for numerous clients. She possesses a bachelor’s degree in both finance and marketing from the University of Pittsburgh.

Duration: 60 Minutes
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Webinar – Integrated Financial Clearance: A Seamless Approach to Patient Access

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