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The Essential Guide to Buying Computer-assisted Coding (CAC) Software

This guide provides a data-driven approach when selecting Computer-assisted Coding (CAC) software for your Health Information Management (HIM) and Coding Department.

Find the best advice for selecting the CDI software for your hospital. Industry reports confirm the pressing need for Clinical Documentation Improvement initiatives. Unfortunately, these initiatives are challenging, and become risky without suitable CDI technology; as per Clinical Documentation experts, “The decision can drown your investment.”

Explore the biggest risks and challenges that hospitals face in selecting the CDI software, and learn how to overcome them.

This document provides a step-by-step guide for assessing workflows and uncovering the advantages and benefits of implementing CAC for your hospital and helping select a CAC application/vendor that is able to “check off all of the boxes” during your evaluation.

Download our "CAC Software Buying Guide" now and make Data Driven decisions for CAC technologies and vendor selection.

What's Inside?

  • What is Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC)?
  • Impact of ICD -10
  • Steps to follow in the buying process of CAC software
  • How to determine it's time for CAC?
  • Trending CAC Software Features
  • Ideal CAC Purchasing Process
  • Vendor Evaluation Worksheet
  • Top KPIs CAC should impact

Download eBook

eBook – The Essential Guide to Buying Computer-assisted Coding (CAC) Software

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