The Essential Guide to Buying Computer-assisted Coding (CAC) and Computer-assisted Professional Coding (CAPC) Software

This step-by-step guide provides a data-driven approach when selecting Computer-assisted Coding (CAC) or Computer-assisted Professional Coding (CAPC) software for your health information management (HIM) and coding department.

Decision-makers in hospitals, health systems, and physician practices can use this approach to assess workflows, improve coding efficiency, decrease documentation deficiencies, improve code selection accuracy, and reduce accounts receivable.

A modern CAC and CAPC system optimizes coding workflow to deliver complete integration of data from disparate sources into a single repository, eliminating the need for coders to traverse multiple information systems.

Download our guide now and uncover the advantages and benefits of implementing CAC and CAPC software. Know the steps to follow and questions to ask to make data-driven decisions for CAC and CAPC technologies and software partners.

What's Inside?

  • What are Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC) and Computer-assisted Professional Coding (CAPC)?
  • Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in CAC/CAPC
  • Determining when to invest in CAC/CAPC software
  • Steps to follow when buying CAC/CAPC software
  • Evaluating CAC and CAPC software
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for CAC and CAPC software
  • CAC and CAPC vendor evaluation worksheet

Download eBook

eBook – The Essential Guide to Buying Computer-assisted Coding (CAC) Software

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