El Paso Children’s Hospital Improves CDI Productivity by 50% with AGS Health

El Paso Children’s Hospital (EPCH), a 122 bed healthcare facility primarily serving in West Texas and Southern New Mexico improved CDI Productivity by 50% with AGS Health.


reduction in time to manage daily census.


reduction in reporting time.


increase in the physician agreement rate.


  • Legacy systems led to slow, complex, and time-consuming processes
  • Dependence on manual methods for CDI processes, such as tracking of queries
  • Rising costs of CDI specialists per hour due to manual labor
  • Revenue leakage stemming from inadequate documentation practices (e.g., processing claims with potential queries)
  • Lack of performance tracking hindering improvement of quality and financial impact


The implementation process targeted complete synergy across people, processes, and technology dimensions. By investing in the AGS AI Platform with Computer-Assisted CDI, EPCH was able to augment their current CDI processes to provide the systems and tools required to make informed, data-driven decisions to improve documentation and coding quality.

"AGS Health’s paradigmshifting, computer-assisted, CDI solution provides the functionality, customer service and technical support, and the ease of use that will move any facility to the forefront of CDI."

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