A Four-Stage Journey Toward RCM Transformation and Maturity

By Thomas Thatapudi and Matt Bridge


This session uses a four-stage assessment framework to evaluate revenue cycle management (RCM) maturity across three key pillars: service delivery, technology & interoperability, and analytics. The session will allow the audience to navigate the journey toward enhanced revenue cycle performance by answering questions such as:

  • What level of revenue cycle management maturity has your organization achieved?
  • Are you aware of how high-performing organizations are achieving advanced maturity?
  • Do you know what’s needed to accelerate the maturation of your organization’s RCM?
  • Have you determined the intended destination for your journey?
  • Does your team have the necessary skills and experience to take your revenue cycle operations to the next level?

During this session, we will share a practical approach for RCM transformation that can help future-proof your operations through a hybrid model of in-house management, outsourced services, advanced technologies, and actionable analytics. Leverage this framework as a foundation for customizing your own journey toward operational maturity that aligns with your organization’s revenue goals and financial growth strategies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the stages of RCM maturity
  • Identify the maturity of your organization compared to industry best-practice
  • Gain insight into the qualities of high-performing and innovative providers
Thomas Thatapudi B&W

Thomas Thatapudi


As AGS Health’s Chief Information Officer, Thomas leads the development of world-class products with unbeatable customer experience through data, digital, and cloud transformation. He brings an exceptional track record of elevating customer, employee, and stakeholder experiences through advanced technologies and technology-enabled services. Thomas is passionate about using data, insight discovery, and digital platforms to build and deploy products, platforms, and services for real and lasting transformation.