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A Four-Stage Journey Toward RCM Transformation and Maturity

By Thomas Thatapudi and Matt Bridge


This session uses a four-stage assessment framework to evaluate revenue cycle management (RCM) maturity across three key pillars: service delivery, technology & interoperability, and analytics. The session will allow the audience to navigate the journey toward enhanced revenue cycle performance by answering questions such as:

  • What level of revenue cycle management maturity has your organization achieved?
  • Are you aware of how high-performing organizations are achieving advanced maturity?
  • Do you know what’s needed to accelerate the maturation of your organization’s RCM?
  • Have you determined the intended destination for your journey?
  • Does your team have the necessary skills and experience to take your revenue cycle operations to the next level?

During this session, we will share a practical approach for RCM transformation that can help future-proof your operations through a hybrid model of in-house management, outsourced services, advanced technologies, and actionable analytics. Leverage this framework as a foundation for customizing your own journey toward operational maturity that aligns with your organization’s revenue goals and financial growth strategies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the stages of RCM maturity
  • Identify the maturity of your organization compared to industry best-practice
  • Gain insight into the qualities of high-performing and innovative providers
Thomas Thatapudi B&W

Thomas Thatapudi


As AGS Health’s Chief Information Officer, Thomas leads the development of world-class products with unbeatable customer experience through data, digital, and cloud transformation. He brings an exceptional track record of elevating customer, employee, and stakeholder experiences through advanced technologies and technology-enabled services. Thomas is passionate about using data, insight discovery, and digital platforms to build and deploy products, platforms, and services for real and lasting transformation.

Matthew Bridge

Matthew Bridge


As senior vice president of RCM services at AGS Health, Matt oversees strategic growth initiatives for the company’s Patient Access and Patient Financial Services business units. He possesses more than 15 years of experience in professional and managed services with expertise throughout the revenue cycle continuum. Matt’s career has provided him with broad experiences covering diverse provider settings and a deep understanding of the challenges facing customers of all provider types. He is passionate about mentoring and coaching others as they pursue their career journeys in revenue cycle and healthcare business management. Matt possesses a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from Curry College in Milton, MA.

Duration: 60 Minutes
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Webinar – A Four-Stage Journey Toward RCM Transformation and Maturity

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