RCM Challenges: Understanding New Technology

Emily Bonham & Nicholas Frenette

May 8, 2023

Technology is continuously evolving, which leaves room for even more evolution and of course, new technology. Healthcare technology in particular has seen its fair share of advancements and up-to-date machinery and tools are the norm in the medical field. Considering current trends, experts forecast that due to significant growth and expansion, healthcare technology jobs, specifically, are expected to grow 15 percent by next year.

Why is understanding new technology an important factor in healthcare?

For a new episode of the RCM Chat, host Michelle Dawn Mooney chatted with two senior team members from AGS Health, Emily Bonham, Senior Vice President, Product Management, and Nicholas Frenette, Executive Director of Solutions Engineering. Mooney interviewed the duo about new types of technology making waves in healthcare, and how healthcare organizations can adopt and incorporate them.

The trio explored how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been gaining ground in healthcare and …

  • Where healthcare organizations lack or fail in adapting and utilizing new technology
  • The use of AI, such as ChatGPT, in various areas of healthcare technology
  • How new technology can benefit healthcare organizations and their ROIs


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Podcast – Understanding New Technology

emily bonham

Emily Bonham


Emily Bonham is a leading innovative healthcare technology product manager with over 20 years of experience building award-winning products from the ground up. She’s turned around underperforming products and helped organizations quickly scale. Bonham holds a B.A. in English from the University of Minnesota.

Nicholas Frenette Image

Nicholas Frenette


With more than a decade of experience in managing healthcare technology platforms, Nick is adept at developing and directing innovative product solutions for the healthcare market. In his role as the Executive Director of Solutions Engineering at AGS Health, he oversees the development, maintenance, and continuous maturation of the company’s technology solutions, including the AGS AI Platform. Prior to this role, he served in various product management and consultancy roles for Commonwealth Care Alliance and athenahealth. Nick earned a Masters in Business Administration along with a Healthcare Management certification from UMass Boston and possesses a Bachelor of Science, Marketing degree from Plymouth State University.