Discharged Not Finally Coded (DNFC) days is the number of days a case remains before being finally coded post-discharge.

  • A high DNFC means the charts take longer to be finally coded after discharge
  • This could reflect that the coder productivity is low or the number of charts coded per day is low
  • This could also reflect that the cases being assigned to the coders are not distributed properly among coders based on their capabilities and efficiency
  • A high DNFC could mean that the coders have to do a lot of post-discharge physician queries
  • This could mean physicians do not respond to queries in a timely manner and hence the coders have to wait till the queries are available
  • High DNFC impacts account receivable and cash in hand in a negative way
  • Not able to measure your DNFC in real-time
  • Unavailability of documents for coding
  • Lack of post-discharge documentation
  • Missed charges
  • Lack of coder productivity and accuracy
  • Real-time tracking/Track missing document
  • Automated case assignment
  • Process to connect to a CDI staff, coder, and physician
  • Prioritize the high dollar value and high-risk charts and have them coded on priority
  • We help you pinpoint the reasons delaying your DNFC so you could focus on solving those
    high impact reasons

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