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Understanding and Demonstrating the Value of Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)

Clinical documentation improvement (CDI) is playing an increasingly critical role in the healthcare industry, with a rising number of hospitals experiencing significant revenue increases and documented quality improvements within six months of launching a CDI initiative. Based on the value offered, global market analysts expect the CDI market to proliferate, particularly with the onset of AI-based CDI software tools built on natural language understanding (NLU) and machine learning (ML) technologies.

Although many healthcare organizations have not yet implemented any formal CDI programs, the value they deliver is becoming widely recognized, making it a primary pillar of any value-based strategy. In this white paper, we provide a detailed look into the monetary and non-monetary benefits that can be realized from a well-built CDI program. Discover how an effective CDI program can help you maintain proper documentation and provide valuable insights to support effective provider and coder training based on your most frequently occurring issues.

Would your organization benefit from adopting a formal CDI program? Download our white paper today to gain a better understanding of:

  • How CDI programs can improve the accuracy, quality, and overall performance of your revenue cycle
  • The considerations that should be made when planning and building a successful CDI program
  • What key performance indicators to consider in evaluating the value of CDI
  • The advantages of augmenting CDI programs with technology

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Whitepaper – Understanding and Demonstrating the Value of CDI

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