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Artificial Intelligence for RCM: Separating Hype from Reality

A growing volume of tagged data is exacerbating an already complex healthcare revenue cycle management process (RCM) that is largely transactional in nature, thus making RCM an area that is prime for automation and the application of artificial intelligence (AI). From automating manual and redundant tasks within patient access, coding, billing, and collections to applying AI to real-time analytics, prior authorization, workflow prioritization/optimization, and denial mitigation, these advanced technologies are addressing some of RCM’s biggest pain points – while increasing revenue capture and helping early adopters achieve revenue integrity.

In this white paper, AGS Health experts cut through the hype and set realistic expectations for the roles of both automation and AI in RCM, including:

  • Clarifying the different roles automation and AI play in RCM, which are frequently lumped together despite their differences.
  • Exploring the evolution of AI technologies and the improvements that have made AI and automation more agile and useful for enhancing provider operations.
  • Helping determine when the time is right to apply AI to an organization, including a list of criteria that should be considered when evaluating any investment in automation and/or AI.
  • Providing tips for finding the right technology vendor to design and implement AI and automation in a way that solves the problem at hand and sets the organization up for long-term success.

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Whitepaper – AI for RCM

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