The Journey to Truly Autonomous Coding

By Suhas Nair


Medical coding ensures accurate and efficient billing and reimbursement for patient care. However, the increasingly complex nature of the process has led to significant growth in coding-related denials and revenue leakage.

Technology powered by artificial intelligence (AI) offers valuable tools for revenue cycle teams to navigate the complexities of medical coding. These tools allow for accurate code assignments, resulting in cleaner claims and reduced revenue losses for hospitals and healthcare systems.

Join this webinar to hear more about the evolution of medical coding in healthcare and the transition to truly autonomous coding. By attending this presentation, participants will gain a broader understanding of autonomous coding, its significance in today's healthcare landscape in improving accuracy and efficiency to save time and reduce coding-related denials, and the challenges associated with this approach. The session will also share how to evaluate comprehensive autonomous coding solutions and make informed decisions to optimize coding processes in their healthcare organization.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the evolution of coding in healthcare, from manual coding to computer-assisted coding and the emergence of autonomous coding.
  • Explore the benefits of autonomous coding, including increased accuracy and productivity.
  • Identify the limitations of autonomous coding.
  • Learn how to evaluate autonomous coding vendors, including the value of an approach that combines expertise in both technology and manual coding.
Suhas Nair

Suhas Nair


Suhas Nair is a product enthusiast who is passionate about transforming real-world challenges into opportunities for product innovation. With over 15 years of experience in healthcare and technology, Suhas has delivered several SaaS products from concept to market. Suhas leverages his passion for AI by using technologies like Natural Language Processing to optimize healthcare processes and outcomes. A keen space enthusiast, he often fantasizes about the countless possibilities that exist over the horizon when he is not working.