CPT Coding for Electrophysiology Procedures

By Leigh Poland RHIA, CCS


Electrophysiology is a very specialized area of cardiology coding. The term "EP Procedures" includes those procedures that identify the source of cardiac arrhythmias and treat these arrhythmias with a variety of methods. It is also used to determine if a patient is at risk for sudden death, in which case a defibrillator will usually be placed. Pacemaker and defibrillator implantation, and many of the maintenance procedures for them, are performed in the EP lab. While the coding of EP studies can appear daunting at first, understanding the key terms and what services are separately reportable makes the task easier.

Key Takeaways

  • Key terminology to look for while reviewing EP study documentation
  • Understanding the key differences between Diagnostic vs Comprehensive EP study
  • Review CPT coding case studies; CPT Guidelines; and other official coding resources for ablation of electrical pathway procedures
  • What is a follow up EP study and how do I correctly code for this procedure?
  • Understand the correct CPT codes and CPT guidelines for mapping procedures

This presentation provides the audience with a better understanding of accurate CPT coding for electrophysiology procedures. We will review the CPT codes; CPT coding guidelines; and case studies for these procedures. This will give you more confidence with your code assignment for these complicated procedures.