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Medical Coding and Documentation Services


With more than 3,000 college-educated coders, 600 certified coders, and an award-winning internal coder training academy, you can be confident in our team’s ability to support your operations today, while keeping up with the ever-changing coding regulations of the future.

Professional Fee Coding

The AGS Health global coding team receives detailed, specialty-specific training that ensures excellent quality levels and clean claim submissions. Our proven implementation process is seamless and includes effective controls to ensure minimal disruption – all with 3-4x ROI.

Beyond the ROI, our continuous focus on coding quality and compliance eliminates the headaches that many of our customers experience when onboarding new staff.

AGS offers professional fee services for the following settings:

  • Emergency visits
  • Multi-specialty – E/M
  • Hospital medicine
  • Ambulatory surgery 
  • Anesthesiology
  • Ambulance
  • Pathology and lab
  • and more…


Our highly trained experts are trusted by leading healthcare organizations across the country based on their demonstrated ability to enhance accuracy, reduce reimbursement times, and prevent revenue leakage.

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AGS Health Coders
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AAPC and AHIMA Certified Coders
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College Graduate Work

Increase the productivity of your facility and professional fee coding while cutting denials, missed charges, and low risk scores by making critical decisions faster.

Automate the review of clinical documentation and queries without using a single spreadsheet.

Streamline your audit process before or after submitting the claim to ensure the right diagnosis and charge codes are being used.

Unlock the power of your revenue cycle by discovering new insights, optimizing billing processes, preventing denials, and automating tedious, time-consuming tasks.

See your data like never before without the constraints of your EHR reporting capabilities.

Our experienced team can help you identify missing information and confirm insurance details prior to the visit – ensuring nothing is missed that could hold up your claims.