Helping Healthcare Organizations with Aged A/R

A Virginia-based, 200+ bed primary care and specialty physician group was experiencing challenges with aged accounts receivable (A/R) and was looking to work with two offshore vendors.

Leveraging a technology-agnostic approach along with experienced A/R staff, AGS ramped up quickly to create a comprehensive transition plan and a results-oriented strategy featuring comprehensive quality controls and insightful reporting, analytics, and improvement recommendations.


  • Understaffed teams process 120+ day A/R volume
  • High overhead costs relative to business office staff
  • Minimal visibility into trends, analytics, and reporting


  • Almost immediately, the organization realized 48% cost savings. Their in-house cost was approximately $63,400, but after outsourcing AGS, they were able to reduce that cost to $30,444.
  • In 3 months of AGS working the 120+ day A/R, the expedited resolution of aged volume resulted in collections of $120k.
  • Due to the outstanding results, the organization decided to work solely with AGS and doubled their AGS staffing support


Cost savings



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