Meet the New AGS AI Platform

By Nicholas Frenette and Suhas Nair


Introducing the new AGS AI Platform, the newest solution from AGS Health, designed to improve the overall performance of your revenue cycle by automating repetitive tasks, simplifying coding, improving documentation, and optimizing billing practices to prevent denials and improve revenue flow.

The AGS AI Platform is an over-the-top cloud solution that connects to your existing software, blending artificial intelligence (AI) and automation with human-in-the-loop support to maximize your revenue cycle performance. Using intelligent robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), the AGS AI Platform will help to keep your revenue cycle moving forward, even when faced with staffing shortages, changing regulations, and operational challenges. In this 45-minute webinar, we will show you how the platform works, how it can be applied in your organization, and the positive ROI possible by utilizing automation and AI to supplement your existing workflow.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn what automation and AI are and how they can be applied to healthcare organizations.
  • Discover how other organizations are using CAC, CDI, and automation to quickly make an impact on efficiency and accuracy.
  • See how the platform can improve visibility into day-to-day operations and overall performance.
  • Understand how AGS AI provides a positive ROI for healthcare organizations.
Nicholas Frenette Image

Nicholas Frenette


With more than a decade of experience in managing healthcare technology platforms, Nick is adept at developing and directing innovative product solutions for the healthcare market. In his role as the Executive Director of Solutions Engineering at AGS Health, he oversees the development, maintenance, and continuous maturation of the company’s technology solutions, including the AGS AI Platform. Prior to this role, he served in various product management and consultancy roles for Commonwealth Care Alliance and athenahealth. Nick earned a Masters in Business Administration along with a Healthcare Management certification from UMass Boston and possesses a Bachelor of Science, Marketing degree from Plymouth State University.

Suhas Nair

Suhas Nair


Suhas Nair is a product enthusiast who is passionate about transforming real-world challenges into opportunities for product innovation. With over 15 years of experience in healthcare and technology, Suhas has delivered several SaaS products from concept to market. Suhas leverages his passion for AI by using technologies like Natural Language Processing to optimize healthcare processes and outcomes. A keen space enthusiast, he often fantasizes about the countless possibilities that exist over the horizon when he is not working.

Duration: 60 Minutes
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Webinar – Meet the New AGS AI Platform