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American Addiction Centers Realizes a 35% Increase in Collections

The largest network of rehab facilities nationwide, American Addiction Centers was founded in 2007 and offers programs in California, Florida, Texas, Nevada, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. It uses research-based treatments to help clients with drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and mental and behavioral health issues and offers high staff-to-patient ratios to ensure more personal attention for our clients. As a result, its success rate is more than double the national average.

American Addiction Centers and AGS formed a strategic relationship to accelerate the revenue cycle and enhance overall revenue cycle management


  • Struggled to establish and maintain an internal RCM A/R team.
  • Difficulty capturing documentation sufficient for monitoring key performance metrics.
  • Performing below expectations in terms of quality, accuracy, and turnaround times.


  • Increased collections from 50% to 85%.
  • Improved cash posting from five days to three days.
  • Visibility into results and activities of the team.

"AGS understands what I want and how I want things done. I don’t have to communicate a lot of directives. They have that knowledge and they have that commitment to work that I don’t find in other outsource providers."

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