Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management

The New Standard for RCM Performance


Ease your administrative and financial burdens

As providers continue to face increased revenue cycle challenges, having a partner that truly understands the best way to address the financial burdens they face is imperative. AGS works with some of the largest healthcare organizations in the nation to maximize cash at every stage of the revenue cycle.

Leverage technology and business intelligence that will allow you to make informed decisions.


Front-End Fixes

AGS prevents missed revenue opportunities by providing services such as insurance verification and pre-authorizations to prevent claim denials.

Transaction Processing

AGS Health's custom solutions for charge capture and electronic and paper claims submission help you bring in valuable revenue.

A/R Management

Approximately three to seven percent of insurance claims are underpaid. AGS combats payor complexities and rising out-of-patient costs that pose challenges for providers.

Why Our Clients Love Us

We Provide a Customized Approach That Delivers Unprecedented RCM Results.

We provide a comprehensive suite of RCM services customized for each client by experts serve as an extension of your team.

“AGS Health is the best vendor partner I have ever worked with. They are definitely top-notch. We look at the AGS Health group as an extension of our existing business office. We have several other vendor partnerships that are strong, but things are different with AGS Health. We feel like they are literally working in the other room, and that is what sets them apart. There is no disconnect between us. We are in tune and in sync.”

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Leave it up to us

AGS takes a unique approach with every healthcare client. We understand that no two clients are exactly alike, each presents a unique set of challenges that may change over time. From early on in the discovery process to mature clients that have been working with us for many years, we provide support. We work closely with you throughout the lifetime of our engagement to maximize your revenue.


Recover Costs, Improve Patient Satisfaction

Billing mistakes can be very frustrating for patients. AGS’ analytics and recovery services help you understand how and why you’re losing valuable revenue from underpaid claims. We work to minimize billing confusion and recover revenue so you’ll see improvements to patient satisfaction scores. 


Additional Services

Check out additional services to improve cashflow and meet organizational financial objectives.
Clinical Coding

Clinical Coding

Our team of coding experts, with a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and its specialties, paired with smart technology creates a tangible, positive impact on cash flow.

  • A Focus on Compliance
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Experienced Staff
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Automation & Analytics

Automation & Analytics

We use proprietary technology that includes a dynamic workflow tool with customizable features that drive efficiency, performance and results.

  • Automation - The Bots!
  • Tracking and Workflow
  • Analytics
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