Clinical Coding

Clinical Coding

Combining Quality with Excellence


Coding services that ensure accuracy and results.

Many of the nation’s largest provider networks rely on AGS Health to ensure their claims are getting fully paid on-time. Our work together helps payors to calculate their allowed amounts correctly.

A Focus on Compliance

AGS Health is certified by both the American Health and Information Management Association (AHIMA) and the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), and is committed to diligent coding compliance at all levels.

Cutting Edge Technology

AGS Health's custom workflow tools are smart-learning equipped, and include proprietary document management and communication systems.

Experienced Staff

All 2,000+ of AGS Health coders receive comprehensive training in specialty-specific areas, and have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in a healthcare-related field.


Attention to detail, concern for accuracy

With a dual emphasis on ensuring front-end accuracy and dedicated software and analytics, our coding services offer our clients huge cost savings potential, achieving an unprecedented 3-4x ROI. Implementation is turn-key and ensures no workflow disruption.

"I had a great experience with AGS Health prior to coming to my current organization. AGS Health has great account management, and their teams work really hard to understand the nuances of our project. The people working on our project have regular checkpoints and discussions with us to ensure there aren’t any items that are not understood or that need to be rectified. AGS Health is very open and collaborative in that way, and that adds to their ability to be successful. They are spot on in their engagements and have returned really good results for us. We have a regular account management call and regular discussions with the vendor’s supervisory staff to cover any open items that occur. Then there is an executive on top of the account manager who is in regular contact with either me or my senior leadership member who is managing the project."

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Trained Knowledgeable Staff = Cost Savings

The depth of knowledge among our coding experts is unparalleled. Our rigorous training combined with smart-technology ensure clients realize a positive impact on cash flow.

Total AGS Health Coders

Coders Trained in 2019


Graduate Workforce, many with master's degrees in life sciences or bio-tech.


What makes us different

With AGS Health as their strategic coding partner, medical systems and hospitals gain access to 95%+ accuracy in coding, regular reporting and pragmatic recommendations on front-end fixes that improve coding accuracy and resolution while delivering bottom line results. 


Simplified Revenue Management

From coding to pre-registration and prior authorization to denial management, we have you covered. Get data-backed solutions for containing costs and increasing revenue relying on AGS Health as your revenue cycle partner.
Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management

AGS Health provides a comprehensive suite of RCM services that are customized for each client. Our experienced team experts serve as an extension of your business office.

  • Front-End Fixes
  • Transaction Processing
  • A/R Management
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Automation & Analytics

Automation & Analytics

We use proprietary technology that includes a dynamic workflow tool with customizable features that drive efficiency, performance and results.

  • Automation - The Bots!
  • Tracking and Workflow
  • Analytics
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