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Computer-Assisted Coding and Auditing Software for Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC)


Dramatically increase coder productivity and code capture.

We understand the unique challenges of managing the revenue cycle in Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), and we are committed to helping these centers overcome those obstacles. As FQHCs serve underserved communities with limited budgets, it is crucial to ensure their financial stability to provide top-quality patient care. AGS Health has built a medical coding and coding auditing solution that caters to the needs of healthcare organizations with FQHC designation.

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Limited Resources and Financial Constraints

FQHCs struggle with resource and budget limitations in revenue cycle management. AGS Health offers Computer-Assisted Coding software for FQHCs, which integrates with any EHR, simplifying documentation and coding processes. It automatically selects E&M codes based on 2021 (or 95, or 97) criteria, optimizing documentation levels.

Complex Billing and Coding Requirements

Healthcare regulations and reimbursement policies are constantly changing, making billing and coding a challenge for FQHCs. Our team keeps coding guidelines current, and our Clinical NLP engine continuously learns from coders. You can create custom edits for providers and coders to address issues before billing.

Data Management and Analytics

Effective revenue cycle management demands precise data handling and insightful analytics. FQHCs struggle to collect, analyze, and utilize data for informed decisions and improvements. Our cloud-based CAC software, integrated with your EHR and PMS, reveals code usage by physicians, facilities, and coders, shedding light on service utilization and patient demographics.


Computer-Assisted Professional Coding Software Features and Capabilities

Intelligent worklist prioritization

Streamlines processes and optimizes coding practices with automated queueing, routing, and smart allocation of charts.

Real-time analytics

Enables real-time visibility of coding, financial, and organizational metrics with insightful reporting, charts, dashboards, and code analysis

NLP-based E/M level calculations

Leverages an in-built E&M calculator to access auto-suggested E&M codes

Geographic redundancy

Leverages multi-location data storage to ensure 99+% uptime.

Automated and accurate coding suggestions

Improves coding quality & productivity by leveraging NLP with deep knowledge graphs to assign accurate codes with a complete audit trail

Faster deployment and zero downtime

Uses a completely cloud-based infrastructure that allows for more efficient deployment with none of the maintenance hassles of onsite servers.

One-click coder validation and acceptance

Automatically identifies charts that have potential queries for seamless validation and acceptance.

Collaboration across teams

Provides a unified data platform to facilitate collaboration between coding, HIM, physicians, and CDI teams within the system.


Experience the impact of CAPC Software.

From group practices to multi-facility health systems, our Computer-Assisted Professional Coding helps maximize the performance of your coding operations with improved throughput and quality.

25% – 45%
Coder productivity Increase
20% – 30%
Reduced Denials
25% – 35%
Reduction in A/R Days

We work with premier organizations across the country:

CAPC Software Case studies


“You really don’t know what you are missing until you start implementing a program like CAC and working with a vendor like AGS Health… The results have been tremendous in terms of return on investment. We have realized a $1.03MM impact on our bottom line, which is more than a 10x return.”

Jason Lesch, Chief Financial Officer


“We shared what our goals were with AGS. We wanted to get more with less based on our needs. Working with AGS, we were able rethink how we approached analytics in the revenue cycle. This allowed us to leverage our team and AGS. We ended up seeing an increase in productivity as a result.”

Keith Cantrell, Chief Revenue Officer


“AGS Health’s paradigm-shifting, computer-assisted, CDI solution provides the functionality, customer service and technical support, and the ease of use that will move any facility to the forefront of CDI.”

EPCH Representative

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