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Chronic coder and revenue cycle management (RCM) staffing shortages have left many healthcare organizations struggling to keep revenue flowing without enough qualified professionals to handle key processes.

Not only is there a lack of local, qualified professionals, but due to the high demand, many healthcare organizations are seeing staff jumping between organizations for promotions, raises, and work-from-home arrangements. To maintain operations, some providers may feel compelled to keep underperforming or inexperienced staff under presumption that poor-performing staff are better than no staff. But is this truly the case?

AGS Health offers a variety of ways to help overcome staffing shortages.

A Hybrid Approach to Overcoming Coding, RCM Staff Shortages

Robotic Process Automation or “digital bots” can replace basic, low-skill functions, such as data input, reconciliation, verification, and monitoring. They can be rapidly deployed across numerous functional areas to support the scalability requirements of your organization freeing up your staff to address more complex activities.

Improve the productivity of your existing staff with computer-assisted coding and CDI software. Medical charts are reviewed using Natural Language Processing and AI to provide clear code and query suggestions, identifying areas of improvement and leading to faster and more accurate coding.

Outsourcing key functions in your revenue cycle provides you with high-quality staff at a fraction of the cost. Plus, in addition to providing the trained and highly qualified staff you need, we also remove the administrative burden of attracting, training, and managing additional staff.


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