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Clinical documentation improvement initiatives and experienced coding staff are key to ensuring accurate and complete coding, which leads to a decrease in denials and improved collection rates.

Modern technology, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Clinical Natural Language Processing (NLP) can help you identify documentation and coding improvement opportunities and optimize the end-to-end revenue cycle to drive maximum reimbursement.

AGS Health offers both software and outsourced services to help improve documentation and coding.

Clinical NLP APIs

Through our combination of highly trained expert services and AI-enhanced technologies, we have helped dozens of organizations enhance reimbursements by improving CMI and DRG weighting, lowering DNFC days, reducing under- and over-coding, and decreasing coding-related denials. As a result, our customers can now capture millions of dollars in additional revenue annually.

Ensure your coding is accurate with computer-assisted coding and CDI software. Medical charts are reviewed using Natural Language Processing and AI to provide clear code and query suggestions, identifying areas of improvement and leading to faster and more accurate coding.

Outsourcing CDI and coding functions provide you with qualified staff at a fraction of the cost. CDI specialists review patient charts concurrently (while the patient is in the hospital) and query physicians to help them document accurately, resulting in accurate coding and optimal reimbursement. And, our highly trained coding staff can manage all your coding needs with 95+% coding accuracy.


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