Don’t Just Take Our Word For It….

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It….

This is what our customers say...


“AGS provides hospital coding services at low cost with great quality and turnaround times” – New Jersey


“We have a positive working relationship with the entire AGS team.  We have been very fortunate to have retained and developed a coding team over the past 5 years with minimal attrition.”  – Massachusetts


“Your team is doing a good job with increasing the volume of coding.  The team doubled their normal daily capacity which is great!” – Florida


“The flexibility and the attentiveness of Linga and crew and relationship are ALL positives.” – Hawaii


“Below are the quality scores for the ED coders that are cross-training on the Critical Access ED accounts. Their results are great!”  – North Carolina


“Your team is doing a fantastic job with this – couldn’t ask for better!” – North Carolina


“Thank you for your excellent collaboration!” – Illinois


“Excellent work everyone! Thank you for your hard work and dedication!” – Massachusetts


Great management team designed to partner with hospitals. – Texas


The AGS team is always great to collaborate with. They are always extremely polite and professional when discussing the work at hand, even if we are discussing an issue we may not agree on. This makes it much easier to work closer with the AGS team and build a great relationship with them. – Illinois


“Overall I am very pleased with the level of quality, productivity and responsive to our requests.  We worked through an issue with the review processes for the claims editing process in the early summer months and I believe we have reached a stable state.” –Massachusetts

“AGS managers and auditors provide excellent quality and ensure all coders perform at a high level” – Texas


“This is a tricky application. The team is doing well.” – California


“The AGS team and both the coder and management level continue to provide outstanding service. – Texas

AGS Health has really good executive involvement. Their leadership is really responsive and tries to understand our problems. The vendor takes the necessary steps to engage and respond to issues and opportunities.
VP/Other Executive*


AGS Health is great at taking feedback and finding problems. I meet with them regularly, and I tell them everything I need them to know regarding QA and their associates. We have a great relationship. AGS Health is great to work with. I hope that we get to work with them again.

We have been working with AGS Health, and we have been pleased so far. They have been extremely responsive during COVID-19. So far, AGS Health has consistently exceeded expectations. Out of the gate, the implementation was extremely structured and professional. AGS Health was really organized and had excellent documentation, project plans, and timelines all ready to go. They had prepared questions for us about the things that they needed answers for. Right out of the gate, we were confident that things were going to go well. After the implementation, ongoing communication and support were excellent. AGS Health is extremely responsive when an issue arises, and that helps us see outcomes. We are actually monitoring the progress of AGS Health’s work. We are seeing cash coming in, and that is obviously the biggest thing.
VP/Other Executive*


*Selected commentary collected about AGS Health ©KLAS, visit


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