Inpatient Coding

Inpatient Coding

Inpatient Coding Experience

  • Inpatient coding for more than 20 clients and 650+ Hospitals 4 CDI Mismatch Analysis
  • Coding more than 1.2 million Inpatient charts annually with greater than 95% accuracy.
  • CAGR of 35% in last 4 years
  • 18+ years of project management expertise in full service inpatient coding
  • 500+ experienced Inpatient coding professionals
  • Providing Inpatient Audit services to 3 clients
  • Extensive suite of reports and high impact analyses for Inpatient Coding including:
  1. CDI Mismatch Analysis
  2. Physician Query Analysis
  3. MS-DRG vs. APR-DRG Analysis
  4. GM-LOS vs. Actual LOS

QUALITY TREND – Delivering 95%+ quality for all Inpatient Coding Clients



Assign risk scores to all the coded charts by analyzing all the key input variables such as DRG, LoS, number of CC/MCC, Coder experience etc. using statistical data analysis tools (Correlation, Logistics Regression etc.) and select charts with highest risks for internal quality audits


  • Brainstorming with SMEs to identify the factors which can possibly impact chart accuracy

  • Performing Correlation/Regression studies on all the KPIVs to identify the factors which are statistically significant for DRG accuracy

  • Assign weights to each factor basis the significance levels

  • Determining the risk level (ranging from 1 to 5) basis the percentile distribution of the overall account scores

  • Select samples for audits


Implemented this across all Inpatient Projects. Achieving 95% quality for all the clients



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