Helping Physician Groups Improve Processes and Increase Cash Flow.

Helping Physician Groups Improve Processes and Increase Cash Flow.

AGS Solution

A major urban 400+ multi-specialty physician group was experiencing increasing aged AR due to being short staffed, cash flow issues and a backlog situation with thousands of unworked claims.

AGS helped to identify improper configuration of several work queues. AGS did a sample study and presented recommendations to the client on how the queues could be reconfigured to allow claims to fall into appropriate queues

During the process, AGS also identified and billed out several thousand claims that had not been billed over a long period of time due to inactivity and ineffective workflows in the pre-billing process

Partnering together, AGS took a three-pronged approach and worked to address each of the problems.

AGS’ efforts have resulted in more claims going out to payors resulting in increased collections. This resulted in a net revenue increase of over $520K over a recovery period of six months.

This is one of dozens of examples of how we’re helping healthcare providers.


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